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Cross Border Mortgage

Securing a mortgage may seem intimidating, especially when purchasing a home outside your own country. Florida Home Finders is here to streamline the mortgage journey for Canadians seeking homes in the United States. With the guidance of a seasoned mortgage broker by your side at every stage, we have assisted more than a thousand individuals in obtaining their mortgages. We can evaluate your financial eligibility and promptly match you with the appropriate lender.

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What you will need to apply for a mortgage

When applying for a U.S. mortgage, you have the option to submit Canadian documents. Here's a list of what you might need:

Proof of Income

Tax Documents

– T1 Income Tax and Benefit Return and Notice of Assessment

Investment Income

– Your most recent two years of T3 and T5 slips

Salary Employment

– Your latest T4 slips from the last two years, as well as pay stubs showing your income over the past 30 days


– The most recent two years of T2 business returns for any entity in which you possess 25% or more ownership, including all pages and accompanying schedules.


– Provide a copy of your most current retirement awards letters

Proof of Identity and Citizenship

– Copy of passport and/or U.S. qualifying Visa for each borrower
– Social Insurance Number for each borrower

Proof of Assets

– Submit account statements for the last two months for each of your accounts. These statements should clearly display your name, account number, all pages, the bank’s name, starting and closing balances, and the statement’s time frame. Your accounts encompass personal checking and savings accounts, your line of credit (if these funds are being utilized for your new home’s closing), RSP, and any investments or brokerage accounts (if these funds are being utilized for your new home’s closing). (Please note that all Canadian asset amounts will be converted into U.S. dollars for the purpose of your financial evaluation)

Insurance Docs

Current Property Owners – Provide copies of property tax notice and home insurance premiums for each residential property owned


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No, to buy a property in the United States, you must obtain a mortgage from a U.S. lender
No, you can apply for a U.S. mortgage with your Canadian credit history
Down payments can vary based on creditworthiness and other factors. Connect with us to find out details

you are in good hands


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